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Bokhank Yevhen
,  Вроцлав, PL
на Флагма с 28 июня 2018


Good day!
i invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment of goods of the biedronka trading network
jeronimo martins polska s. a. is the owner of biedronka, the largest retail chain in poland with more than 3,000 stores located in more than 1,100 cities, which has been present on the polish market for over 20 years.
dada diapers is the own brand of jeronimo martins polska S. A. produced in the czech republic and poland for the Biedronka retail chain are in high demand in the markets of the cis countries.
architek future sp. z o. o. working with distribution jeronimo martins polska s. p. mainly sells promotional items with a discount of 30 to 50%.
The list of products is constantly expanding.
If you are interested, please contact by phone:
+48 570 250 038 WhatsApp
Evgeny Bokhankov
architek future sp. z o. o.
Ul. Klasztorna 52/3
52-234 Wrocław, Polska

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,  Вроцлав, PL
на Флагма с 28 июня 2018
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