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Vibration damping elastomeric material Nowelle™ mod.1.20

Vibration damping elastomeric material Nowelle™ mod.1.20

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Vibration damping elastomeric material Nowelle™ mod.1.20 is a polymer composite material designed for isolating multifrequency vibration but is more efficient in a low frequency to 160 Hz. Nowelle™ mod.1 is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, such as industrial or automobile oils, petrol, weak acid solutions and alkali solutions. Its high strength and fatigue characteristics allow to use Nowelle™ in building footing, locate a vibratory source, isolate work or living space from vibration.
size 700x700 mm,
thickness 20 mm;
density 1300:
dynamic modulus 14 MPa;
mechanical loss factor 0.3;
incompressibility 700 t/sq. m;
Impact noise insulation - 19 dB;
Temperature operating range, °C -40 ... +100.

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